Out of School And Into the World

Hello there!

As you might know, I am Luk Biskup, currently 17 years old and have just graduated from German highschool. While most of my friends go to College, I am mainly looking for freedom and rather trying to use this time of my life to travel, meet new people and make new memories far different from the ones I made at school for the past twelve years.

This is me during a small week-long bike tour through Southern France with my parents around Eastern 2019.

In order to document my journey along the way but also to share my experiences with others, I have set up this blog I will keep posting to every once in a while on the road but also during the planning and preparation of my journey.

Before opening up about my plans, let’s start with some basic background knowledge about me and my pretty short life so far which I think is packed with a lot of experiences and memories.

So I was born in 2001 in Frankfurt, Germany and since then been living in a smaller city nearby called Kelkheim. As a child, I hated Kindergarten so my parents sent me to school with only five years of age. Starting there, a lot of people along my way through school said I couldn’t make it but I think I’ve managed pretty well.

Since I was born, my parents went camping with me each summer, mainly to Scandinavia and later on to France and Ireland. When I was in eighth class, I discovered the video game most of you will know as Minecraft and became obsessed with it so much that my mother started to worry. But what I admire most of my parents is that they didn’t start forbidding it to me but rather tried to wake my interest in different areas which led to my mother sending my father and me to a convention which she thought was about work and travels. I became interested in the latter during a three week long bike tour through Ireland where we met many backpackers sharing the kitchen of the hostels we were staying at.

My parents’ and my tent on a campsite in France. I do also have a smaller sister who is spending a year abroad right now.

The end of the story is that the convention turned out to be mostly about spending years abroad during school making me want to spend my tenth year of school abroad. Finally, I ended up spending it in the West of Canada near Vancouver in a city called Vernon with an amazing host family and a great Mexican host brother, Milo.

My mother’s initial plans of keeping me from spending too much time playing Minecraft didn’t quite work out because I ended up spending hours upon hours in front of my laptop in a Canadian basement but I was still making great experiences throughout the year which now make me want to return.

After coming up with my plans to get back to Canada, I put further thoughts into the idea and finally came up with a much bigger plan than just visiting my homestay family which I am very excited to meet.

Firstly, I have already started to work a pretty well-paid job selling fruits and vegetables at the local market here in Kelkheim twice a week and looking to find another job for the other five days with the goal to earn and save as much money as possible until October of this year. Since I am only turning 18 on September 7 and the application for a visa including a valid work permit for Canda requires adulthood of the applicant, I am planning on taking my flight to Canada in the middle or the end of October.

This would mean that I arrive there early enough to start working in the skiing area Silver Star where I spent each and every weekend during the winter of 2016/17. There, I would earn additional money I would then use to buy an old and cheap van, fix it up and convert it to a campervan over the winter.

As soon as the skiing season is over, I want to have finished my work on the van to then say goodbye to my host family once more and take off East.

170701-044943-DSC_1245-NIKON D5100
These are my host parents and I the day before we had to say goodbye to each other for the first and so far only time.

My plans then are to travel all the way to Newfoundland to visit my cousin who will just be spending her tenth year of school there and afterwards to make use of my work permit for Canada one last time in order to save some more money.

At that point, I will probably head to the US and finally to Mexico to visit my former host brother but in the end, I will just see where my travels take me.

The freedom to go wherever I want to whenever I want to, at least to some degree, and the feeling of taking matters into my own hands and therefore bearing with any negative consequences of my own doings but also enjoying every little success along the way as intensely as possible is something I am really looking forward to.

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