New Job, New Travelmate and more

So it’s been a while since the last post and in that time, a lot has happened. Whereas the last post was about all the graduation celebrations, I now am in the middle of the preparations for the upcoming trip to Canada which has come very close all of a sudden. But let’s start from the beginning:

After school was over on May 17 this year, I’ve started to work at the local farmer’s market selling fruits and vegetables which was very tough at the beginning. It was my first real job experience, I didn’t really know what I was doing and my boss, a farmer from the next town, was very stressed because it was the time strawberries had to be picked and sold which maybe gave him an average of four hours of sleep per night. But while that gave me the possibility to also sell the strawberries in little stands in the town to earn more money, it also led him to become mad about mistakes I made because of my obvious lack of knowledge and experience which had its peak on a Wednesday when after a hard day at the market, he started complaining about me to his wife so aggressively and abusively while I was standing in between the two that it left me with a week of thinking about the rude and inaccurate accusations thrown at me and very close to quitting the job the following Saturday when I was back at the market.

I didn’t though, and from week to week, he became less stressed, I learnt more and our relation improved to a point where I am really enjoying the work. But still, I can’t deny that I get a little nervous as soon as my boss is around.

A very low quality picture of me at the market, taken by my lovely sister, thanks.

Anyway, the market only takes place twice a week which left me with five free days. It was a pretty chill life but I couldn’t save a lot of money for the upcoming trip only four months later which is why I started searching for a second job.

First, I’ve asked in a café in the next town whose friendly staff assured me they’d ask their boss the next day who would get back to me. After a week without response, I asked again and didn’t get any reply until today. So then I moved on to a DIY market which is five minutes by bike from my home but they said that I had to apply online which I was too lazy for. Instead, I went to the next company even closer to my home from whom I received the same answer until finally, I ended up at a drug store downtown.

They were looking for shop assistents in the writing materials section for the beginning of the school year. After two short conversations with the branch manager and a written application to get the formals done, I had a work contract starting on August 1. In August, the contract advised me to work 100 hours which was the equivalent of three days a week for seven or eight hours with an hour of break in between. Combined with my work at the farmer’s market, that added up to five days of work a week and 1500€ at the end of the month. For September 1, the drug store then changed my contract with my consent so that I would work 120 hours a month. So since then, I’ve been working six days a week with only one week-long break at the beginning of October when I was in Southern France with my family. It was a very relaxed vacation since we rented a nice little house in a small ancient town we have already been to a little over a year before.

My Post
The best thing about siblings is the weird things you can do and laugh about together.

DSC_0102In the meanwhile, Silas, a friend of mine who went to school with me for the last two years, texted me because he had heard that I was planning to go to Canada for some time soon. He himself had similar plans so after a while of roughly discussing our ideas, we teamed up and are planning the upcoming trip together now.

His plans are to start with University in October of next year so we will go to Canada together in November – hopefully – and work there over the winter to then travel for a while until he will return to Germany in September or October of 2020. From that point on, I will keep travelling and eventually working for almost another year until returning to Germany myself in June of 2021 to the start studying at a University in October that year.

So incomprehensively for most people I have told about my plans so far, I personally was really looking forward to having my own ‘home’ and travelling alone meeting new people but also having some space for myelf. Anyway, I’m now enjoying the idea of travelling with Silas more and more. While on the one side, we will definitely get on each others nerves sooner or later, the space will be very small for the two of us, and I honestly don’t really like sleeping in the same room with someone else, it gives us a fair number of advantages: For once, we can split all costs from the van itself over car insurance and gas to campsites and all kinds of tools and other equipment. And of course, we can share all the experiences which means enjoying the many good things together and helping each other out of difficult situations we won’t be able to prevent.

And lastly, there are very few people I could imagine travelling with like with Silas. Although we never really had a lot to do with each other, I think that we have very similar ideas of what our trip will look like, we get along very well with each other and we can both take compromises which will be very necessary.

So all in all, I am at a point where I am really looking forward to the trip. Let’s hope it all goes at least somehow as planned! (Little spoiler: it won’t)

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