About Me

Hi, I’m Luk, currently 18 years old and I have just graduated from German highschool half a year ago. Travelling has already taken a very big part of my admittedly short life so far. In my early childhood, I have been camping in Scandinavia and Ireland each and every summer before camping in France for many years with my family. Once, we even toured parts of Ireland by bike for three weeks. Then, in 2016, I travelled outside of Europe for the first time. We spent four weeks in Malaysia where my father used to live for seven years as a child. Right after that vacation, I headed for my biggest adventure so far: I spent my tenth grade at a Canadian highschool living with a lovely host family for ten months. Subsequently, my family joined me to travel through British Columbia and Alberta for four weeks.

Now, I am just about to start my next big adventure: Starting Tuesday, February 4th, I will work in and travel through all of Canada for 17 months continuously!

The first eight months, Silas, a very good friend of mine, will be joining me. And for the second half, I will be all by myself as planned so far.

If you’re interested in my journey, fell free to browse through the pages and posts on this site.

Check out all the Posts for example.